China's auto exports will more than 640,000 vehicles record

On July 8, the opening of the second session of the China brand car Expo, electromechanical and high-tech of Commerce Deputy Director Liu Shaojun revealed that so far this year, China's auto exports are expected to exceed the all-time high export volumes in 2008 in 644,000, a record.
Liu Shaojun introduced in January-May this year, China exported 299,000 vehicles, an increase of 53.8%, exported US $ 3.63 billion, an increase of 47.7%, the amount of growth than last year, increasing by 13.1%. Auto exports are dominated by trucks, cars, SUVs, sport utility vehicles and cars most rapid export growth, the former May export 115,000 cars, SUVs and 15,000, increased by 120.3% and 87.6%, respectively, exported US $ 780 million and $ 130 million, increased by 99.7% and 112.9%, respectively.
it is reported that in 2008, China's cumulative auto exports (including complete sets of parts), 644,000 units, valued at 8.88 billion dollars. BACK
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