Chinese companies acquire overseas auto parts enterprises

Following the acquisition of Germany after Pratt, and SA-solid key, Germany auto parts maker kaishiman has recently been auto parts companies in China CITIC dicastal into bag.
close to the kaishiman companies who say the deal amounts at around 300 million euros. Kaishiman companies employ 2,700 people, mainly manufacturing of automotive engine and transmission related parts, are important suppliers of Volkswagen and Daimler.
reportedly, CITIC wearing card wheel Manufacturing Corporation continuous 3 years won global maximum aluminum wheel manufacturer, 2010 CITIC wearing card wheel manufacturing limited annual sales aluminum wheel 20.68 million pieces, compared growth 56%, achieved net profit 120 million Yuan, compared growth 24.6%, its 50% above of products export international market, in international Shang for United States General, and Ford, and Chrysler, Germany Audi, and mass, and Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, Japan Honda, and Toyota, famous car factory supporting, In the domestic market, such as Chery, BYD, Geely automobile manufacturers supporting. Before
CITIC dicastal, two Chinese companies have been completed for Germany takeover of auto parts manufacturers, namely Chongqing textile holding (Group) company acquired Germany SA solid key groups and joyson China investments holdings limited acquisition Germany Pratt company a majority stake. Many acquisitions that China's Government to promote automobile manufacturing, machine-building and other strategic industry development's determination. According to open sources, and this year, Chinese companies have acquired 34 companies in Western Europe, total transaction volume of up to us $ 7.74 billion, 5 times a year earlier. BACK
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