Twelve-Five "automotive fuel economy society work task needed

The national development and Reform Commission industrial Coordination Division, a person in authority, in the Xinhua Daily Telegraph on Thursday's "' Twelve-Five ' low carbon energy-efficient vehicle development workshop" pointed out, restriction of holding dead Chinese car, but energy will suffocate Chinese cars. Only increase the intensity of energy-saving cars, reducing overall fuel consumption, China's auto industry in order to achieve sustainable development. Otherwise, the rapid increase in China's auto, will face a shortage of energy supply dilemma.
new refining capacity is being eaten by a new car all in accordance with China's current automobile growth rate, annual new car consumption of fuel equivalent to create a 20 million-ton oil refinery. "Eleven-Five" (2006-2010) added 100 million tonnes of refining capacity, is between 5 and 35 million new cars almost every bite.
from 2001 to 2010, China's oil consumption from 2. 2.9 billion tonnes to 4. 3.9 billion tons, nearly doubled. Dependence on foreign oil from 30. 2% to 53. 7%.
China is a country that is relatively poor in oil resources, oil has little growth potential, in order to meet domestic demand, a large number of imports.
according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of public security, at the end of June 2011, car ownership in China more than 85 million vehicles (excluding three-wheeled automobile and truck). Some analysts believe the next 5-10 years, China's auto production and sales will keep growing, by 2020 China's car ownership is likely to reach 1. 7.5 billion.
in accordance with 2009 domestic auto cycling year fuel consumption 2. 14 tons, in 2020 the domestic cars oil will reach 3. 7.5 billion tons. Calculated in accordance with oil 80%, 2020 car fuel by 2010 China's total oil consumption. Added nearly 200 million tons of crude oil demand and the international oil market could not meet the huge demand.
the only energy-saving auto industry to sustainable development and the modernization of other countries, China has just started the car moves, would encounter energy supply bottleneck. On the premise of ensuring national energy security, allowing cars into the tens of thousands of ordinary Chinese families, the only way is to automotive fuel economy.
there are three approaches of automobile energy saving, is the development of new energy vehicles, is to improve the fuel economy of the second, third is to save oil.
from the State-of-the art electric cars recharged, using low cost and other advantages, the ultimate goal of the future development of new energy vehicles. But electric vehicles are to reach millions of households, there is a fairly long process.
, according to the Ministry statistics, since June last year since State subsidies given to individuals to buy new energy vehicles, personal buying electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles more than 1000 vehicles, main models of jianghuai automobile electric and BYD's plug-in hybrid F3DM dual-mode sedan.
a long period in the future, conventional energy vehicles will still dominate. Therefore, the traditional energy-saving is the automotive sector's priorities.
according to the relevant statistics, 2010 cycle fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, China 7. 7L, than in Europe and Japan by almost 20%. Chinese cycling year fuel consumption than Japan a 1 time has more than doubled, 50% per cent higher than in Europe. If km cycle fuel consumption and cycle year fuel consumption reduced to the Japan level. By 2020 even though national cars reached 1. 7.5 billion, will reduce overall fuel consumption rather than increasing.
vehicle energy saving needs joint efforts of the whole society the State information center, said total, Director of information resources, China's auto market is the A0 and a-class cars, now grade a + and b dominate, buying larger trends are evident. If you do not control, China is bound to become United States rather than the European model structure.
said that China as a country that is relatively poor in oil resources, on a car frame, only Europe and Japan model, dominated by miniaturization, and can in no way United States model.
total, buying a car is a symbol into a well-off society, cannot demand is limited. Based on the current China's energy dilemma, large-scale trends must be suppressed.
, President of the society of automotive engineers of China Deputy Secretary General fuyuwu believes that accelerate the development of new energy vehicles at the same time, through the use of advanced engine technology, automatic transmission technologies, as well as using new materials to achieve the car's small and lightweight, is the car quick energy-saving ways, should be vigorously promoted.
with good driving habits and mileage reduction to reduce fuel consumption during use, is the main way to save oil. A survey showed that Beijing car miles a day on average up to 45 kilometers, miles is too long. To resolve this issue, it must develop public transport, with buses solve the problems most people commute.
vehicle energy saving not only related to the sustainable development of the automotive industry, related to improve the people's living standards, more related to the country's petroleum security and energy security. Therefore, the whole society should pay attention to this issue, energy-saving cars, car-building harmonious society together. BACK
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