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"Buy a car not gratified, not pleasant to use the car, car repair don't worry" when the cars into the homes of ordinary people, and people's increasing troubles. Some consumers in the purchase and maintenance of cars, their legitimate rights and interests are affected to different degrees, and auto consumer complaints in the field has become a new focus of consumer complaints.
thousands of complaints involving 283 auto dealers 70 brands on May 20, Yao to buy half of Dongfeng car, traveling suddenly blew the fire, identified as "engine crankshaft fracture." "Problematic" changed direction, but also shock absorber oil spills, gear, air quality issues such as lack of rear air outlet. Therefore, demanded the return of Yao and subsidies.
"new car replacement compressor, 4S shop to hide the truth" is Chen's car suffered. On May 25, Chen mountain in Hubei tianma automobile sales and service co to 129,500 price buying a sedan manufactured by Shanghai GM, and used the next day found that when air conditioning is not cooling. 4S shop inspection told refrigeration because there is no fluoridation and compressor fixing nut is a little loose. Chen learned to the maintenance worker quietly, but broke down and the air conditioning compressor was replaced. That truth has been known by consumers, 4S shop was forced to recognize the fact that replace the air conditioning compressor, a. 4S shops during the dispute process tough, refusing to admit their mistakes.
This is just two common cases when consumer purchases, car repair. Association Deputy Secretary General Han Limin introduced in Wuhan City, in 2010, to May 31, 2011 to receive consumer complaints family car Shanghai 1187, automotive sales accounted for 46. 8%, after-sale accounted for 53. 2%. Involving 283 auto dealers, 70 brands. Shen complaint cases, conciliation, 895, 75 per cent. 4%, failed to reach agreement, 252, 21. 2%; 40 pieces still being processed. Complaints process, consumers generally reflect, to buy a car not gratified, not comfortable, don't worry.
dispute the two root causes: dealers do not trust auto quality worrying analysis of the Han people, some caused by dishonest business disputes, mainly in three aspects: first, auto sales. Some dealer false publicity, and false commitment, and free or disguised increases mention car, and not by contract agreed time make car, and not by contract agreed of configuration or color make car, and will low configuration of car posing as high configuration of car sold, and will added loaded configuration car posing as original car sold, and provides of added loaded configuration shoddy, and put has problem of car as good car sold, and put maintenance had of car as new car sold, and forced insurance, and deposit returned difficult, some warranty period within "fail" had let consumers pay.
is the second bus link. Some dealers don't provide invoices in a timely manner, issue negotiable instruments is not standard delayed, provide certification, certificate and auto coding inconsistencies, certification is not Internet access in a timely manner, cause the consumers to smoothly handle the property right registration, insurance and other related procedures. Some dealers also offer fake cards, consumers drive be punished.
third, after-sales maintenance link. Some 4S shops providing maintenance is not timely and responsibilities unclear or no repair, parts accessories for prevarication shoddy fault, for profit purposes, exaggerating too much maintenance, maintenance costs and great losses, not to perform maintenance commitment.
part of the shocking quality issues, sparking disputes common. Analysis of complaints, quality problems mainly for automobile engine fault, normal drive stalling or oil leakage, oil leakage, oil burning, direction is not flexible, switching out of control, air conditioning not working, abnormal body shaking, Louvre, poor drainage, tyres bulge, glass breakage, failure after repeated repairs still cannot be completely ruled out.
calls for introduced car consumption "guarantees" regulations increased exposure combat infringement behavior Wuhan consumers Association through statistics analysis thousand up household car consumption Shen complaints case, after government functions sector, and experts, and scholars, and legal people, and consumers representative, widely comments, think car consumption field of infringement behavior still compared serious, main reasons is currently China yet introduced car "guarantees", regulations, Government related functions sector law enforcement missing according to, regulatory up lack efforts Some quality needs to be improved; part of auto dealer credit lack of awareness, persistence with impurities, a defective due to automotive technology and a high degree of specialization, consumers with serious asymmetric information, consumers in a weak passive position, led to consumers ' rights and interests are infringed. Association Secretary-General Qian Zhong
Wuhan City and suggestions as soon as possible, China's automotive consumer laws and regulations and in the area of "three guarantees" provisions, set up auto professional rights, do automotive work of safeguarding consumers ' specialized to solve auto dispute identification difficult, liability, consumer protection and other issues.
Qian Zhong and called on car manufacturers to improve product quality and strict product quality control, in order to enhance brand reputation; auto dealers to strengthen self-discipline, improve credit management and standardize operation behavior, improve service levels.
expert and consumer, business and other relevant departments should step up supervision in the field of car consumption, consumer fraud, filled with impurities, bad excellence in tort, should increase investigate the crackdown. Exposing violations and typical cases in the field of automobile consumption, increase the intensity of exposure for dishonest businesses, recommended a number of good credit to consumers, quality and reliable businesses and brands.
Han Limin said, consumers face in case of auto dispute rights, good protection and rational rights and rights according to law. It is reported that Wuhan is research, preparing to introduce a vehicle sale, repairs, insurance and other aspects of the contract demonstration text, strengthen supervision and inspection. BACK
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