Auto repair shop "name change" two plants in a dispute

Recently, in Hainan venture of Shanxi nationality female entrepreneurs Zhai Wenjun from Shanxi returned to Sanya, to himself built years Hou contracting to others business of enterprise Sanya Xinhai long car garage limited (following referred to "Xinhai long garage") Shi, found Enterprise brand has was people replaced for "Sanya Xin long sea car garage", will immediately to Sanya traffic Council submitted has banned Xin long sea garage road transport business license of applications, requirements cancellation in himself not informed of situation Xia, Being on the cover of the enterprise changed its name to apply for a new license, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.
July 6, reporters from Sanya City Department of transportation motor vehicle repair industry Management Office learned that the same land, the same equipment to replace the operating permit has been cancelled.
the original charge: not knowingly plant, operating permits were inexplicably changed that day, agents of the Zhai Wenjun, Hou said, in 2006, after Zhai Wenjun laid off from State-owned enterprises in Shanxi, carries all the savings of many years to travel to Sanya from the Shanxi investment business. In 2007, she and State-owned enterprises in Hainan and industrial companies signed a land lease agreement, leased the company East Road, Sanya is located in the 1000 square meters of State-owned land, founded the Xin Hai Lung repair shop. Due to well-run, enterprises increase year by year.
on April 10, 2010, Zhai Wenjun out garage to run gadget shop in Sanya Xue engaged, not expected, a year later, the garage had been "name change", Xue "Kap Lung repair plant" makes welding adjustment for "hillo marine repair shop." In this case, Zhai Wenjun had to hire lawyers to pass laws to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
Hou Mr told reporter, at, lawyer from "Sanya Xin long sea car garage" of basic information in the check to January 7, 2011, Xue XXX under employees to "former head exit not dry" for name, to Sanya traffic Council car maintenance do application will "Sanya Xinhai long car garage" change for "Sanya Xin long sea car garage", and in application file Shang managed to cover Shang garage seal.
Hou said Sanya City Department of transportation motor vehicle repair agents in the Kap Lung repair Zhai Wenjun of the legal representative is not present and applicant with so and so does not have the original of the road transport operators permit and the circumstances of the legal representative power of attorney to handle Sanya Chen Xin long Hai auto repair shop of the road transport operators permit. Subsequently, three Dongcheng industrial business licenses to their trade and industry. After discovering this, Zhai Wenjun immediately submitted to the Department of transportation against hillo marine repair shop business applications in road transport. Department of transportation has promised to withdraw the license for road transport operators, Xue was withdrawn after the road transport operators license, proposes to terminate contract deposit requirement of restitution of repair shop, and the annealing plant agreement signed on June 3, 2011.
", however, after we return the deposit, the other side does not return as agreed, but continue to operate. "Mr Hau said.
new factory head: has again signed land rental contract new of business license is handle among reporter day came to has replaced factory name of Sanya Xin long sea car garage for interview, the factory business management personnel Lee Director on this response said, car garage changed its name before and after, himself has been are is the factory appointment of management personnel, Zhai Wenjun does and Xue xxx signed set back factory agreement, Xue xxx also has withdrawal, now is addition one boss again and the land of master signed has land rental contract And new business being processed. "The new factory there is no cheat seal replacement problems, there is no default, all formalities are complete, business license application with the law. "
the Finance Ministry official said auto repair shop with a new name to request replacement of the operating license, motor vehicle repair industry by Sanya City Transportation Bureau Administration Office for cancellation, but that is a problem because of the site's procedures. BACK
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