Car market a zero-interest rate car loan in advance

Although in the Shanghai Auto show, car manufacturers have adopted "Twelve-Five" plans and strategies expressed firm confidence in new cars. But what is undeniable is, these manufacturers are facing unprecedented "Millennium very cold", this is the extreme lack of sales. The first five months of this year, domestic passenger car production and sales growth rates way down, especially Japanese companies, due to the earthquake and tsunami affected, have not yet returned to normal.
but it's not the worst of times. According to the "Twelve-Five" project development model of Chinese cars will be converted from motor vehicles powers to power. The question now is, automakers have their "Twelve-Five" plan has far exceeded the national "Twelve-Five" planning production capacity. In other words, not only on the future auto market of vehicle consumption problem, and may also be accompanied by a serious excess capacity seen circulation "embolism".
, auto makers ' task is more than just how to sell new cars as simple, as well as through a variety of means to attract the consumer's desire to change. In addition, automakers and dealers also must learn to use other value-added tool to hedge market risks, such as zero-interest rate car loan auto finance.
for the consumer, even though auto loans and auto financing business to enter the domestic time is not very long, but has a long history of development in foreign countries. General Motors, for example, its auto financing business dating back to 1919, and its financial services in the country so far is 6.5 years of time. As one of the earliest automotive finance company, SAIC automotive finance company since its opening for more than 500,000 cars backed by consumer loans, far ahead of peers.
compared with direct loans from the banks, Auto Finance has obvious advantages. SAIC automotive finance Buick Chevrolet youth program, for example, owners provide stability as long as proof of income and good credit history without real estate, most without the guarantee at 75% car loans. Compared to direct loans from the Bank of models is not only faster, longer duration, lower cost, but also because many flexible repayment options make the operation more humane. Five consecutive times at the Central Bank raising deposit reserve and from the sixth premise of raising the deposit reserve, auto finance can also to some extent, played the role of hedge. And for many has loan purchased luxury car of consumers for, Cadillac launched of super low down payment, and 0 interest rate, and 0 for 0 interest rate car loan activities on many dream hold with Howe car of consumers for, absolute is a Gospel, especially for small private owners, this loan mode can is big degree Shang reduced interest spending, achieved hedge, which more big aspects, can for they of independent investment brings funds Shang of buffer, apparently, general financial this practices is is value of. It is reported that since GE Capital's introduction of the zero-interest rate car loan promotions, Cadillac sales have climbed steadily. BACK
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